Trainings with Sportident from 10 to 13 hours:


The access will NOT marked.


Training maps can pick up in the Hotel SG Bullas form 19th of February.


Each selection will have a bag with the necessary maps according to the date of arrival at the hotel.


18th February

Sierra de las Moreras, Mazarrón

101 kms / 90 minutes by car

How arrived

37°33'48.1"N 1°19'12.2"W

37.563366, -1.320044


18th February

Training (without Sportident)

From 15:30 to 17:00 will be flags in the training areas.

Llano de Arriba, Caravaca

34 kms / 30 minutes by car

How arrived

38°04'15.8"N 1°56'54.4"W

38.071066, -1.948436


19th February

Sierra del Molino, Calasparra

30 kms / 20 minutes by car

How arrived

38°12'15.8"N 1°39'54.2"W

38.204392, -1.665051


20th February

Cañada de Canara, Cehegín

15 kms / 15 minutes by car

How arrived

38°06'10.6"N 1°44'52.0"W

38.102949, -1.747775


21th February

El Pizcalejo, Caravaca

24 kms / 24 minutes by car

How arrived

38°06'51.9"N 1°51'38.3"W

38.114417, -1.860639